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Men and women both can have foot problems.  But women are especially susceptible because many women wear shoes smaller than their shoe size and shoes with heels.  Pregnancy is also a contributing factor due to increased weight gain.

  • Bunions   The big toe points towards your other toes accompanied with pain and often swelling on the outside of your big toe.  This is caused by a misalignment of the phalangeal metatarsal joint of the first digit.
    Treatment:  I get great results with treating this problem with adjusting the toe following percussion, taping, and having the patient take proteolytic enzymes to aid in breaking down inflammation within the joint.  I then teach the patient how to adjust their own toe/s.  This is the most common foot problem I see.
  • Plantar Fascitis   The bottom of the mid foot becomes tight and contracted and hurts to walk, especially without comfortable shoes.  This is an inflammation of the plantar fascia.  Fascia is a dense connective tissue that gives structure to your arch.  When the fascia becomes inflamed it contracts and gets adhesions.
    Treatment:  I get great results with percussion, gentle manual tarsal (foot bones) mobilization, and proteolytic enzymes to aid with inflammation reduction.  Occasionally I prescribe custom made orthotics.  I take a mold of your foot here at the office and send it to a company that makes the orthotic.
  • Morton's Neuroma  Sharp pain on the bottom of the foot at the base of the toes.  Caused by a fibrous adhesion around the interdigital nerve generally between the 2nd and 3rd distal metatarsal.
    Treatment.  Once again percussion is helpful to loosen the adhesion then I gently traction the phalanges (toes).  I also recommend B-Complex and Formula 303 to aid in nerve recovery and relaxation of the foot ligaments.  Generally that's all it takes.  Several treatments over time are generally needed.
  • Skin and Nail Problems (nail fungus / athlete's foot / warts)  Common symptoms of fungus are yellowing of the nails, pitting and flaking of the nails, and cracking heels.  Athletes foot causes a red itchy rash with flaking or peeling skin.  Treatment usually involves supplementation with Exspore and Total Virx  to support immunity and aid in elimination of fungus, and directions regarding daily foot care.  I also recommend the anti-fungal over-the-counter cream Tinactin.
  • Plantar warts  causing shallow to deep pitting in the skin, generally at the pads of the feet (on the heel and under the great toe).  Warts are most often caused by a virus in the body.
    Treatment involves supplementation with Total Virx and Multimune.  These two supplements are, what I call, the one two punch for supporting immunity.  I also recommend removing any excess callus formation at the pads of your feet with a pumice stone.  Cotton socks and good foot hygiene are important here.
  • Heel Spurs  Symptoms include painful heels while walking, and on occasion a deep ache in the bottom of the heel even when not bearing weight on the feet.  A heel spur is a calcification of the heel bone (calcaneous) that extends into the fascia (dense connective tissue) of the foot.  In my opinion a heel spur is caused by a calcaneal (heel bone) misalignment.
    Treatment involves adjusting the misaligned calcaneous, percussing the fascia and that's usually it.  A few treatments is generally necessary and heel spurs resolve in the majority of cases within a couple months following treatment.  On occasion I may recommend concurrent care with your medical doctor for a cortisone injection.

This is not a complete list of the foot conditions I treat, If you have any problems with your feet I would be happy to talk with you about your condition and help you find a solution.  Chances are we can treat you naturally and very effectively without the use of drugs or surgery.






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