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 Watson Chiropractic, P.C.
Office News  August 2014


Office Update
Juice Recipes
How to Get More Energy (without sugary or energy drinks)
Free Adjustments for Headache Patients
What Causes Numbness and Tingling?
Special Deals!
Insurance Update...

Office Update

I moved again!  Sometimes I can not believe how many times I have moved my office.  I can open a new office in my sleep now I've done it so many times.  For those who have not been with me for the last 20 years I have moved my office four times!  This time I moved into a building that I purchased in Oregon City.

This is a good move for many since a lot of patients are from West Linn and Oregon City.  And for some it's going to mean a commute to my office, and for that I apologize.  However, I took advantage of the opportunity to own my building, as rent rates are considerably higher than owning.  The office is located on Molalla Avenue and has good visibility, which is a nice thing for any business.  It was originally a home that was built in 1915.  In 2007 it was completely remodeled into an office.  It has a lot of character, and a warm and comfortable vibe.

office front.jpg


New Address:

120 Molalla Ave
Oregon City Or

New Ways to Contact Me.

We are very connected to everyone at any time through the internet, cell phones, texting, social media etc.  In the past it has been the standard practice of most doctors to keep their personal phone number private.  However, it's just not making sense to do this any longer, as we are so connected, it now seems unnecessary and old-fashioned to do so.

 Please feel free to contact me anytime for any reason on my cell phone at 503-891-0633.  You can even text me.  In addition, you can e-mail me at doc@watsonchiropractic.com – also goes to my phone.  My cell phone number is on the website www.watsonchiropracic.com and it's also on the sign in the window at the office if you miss it here.

The new office (land line) number is 503-656-0218.  In addition, the previous number at the Tigard location rings thru to this number in case you call it.

New Phone Numbers:
Office     503-656-0218
Dr's cell  503-891-0633

email  doc@watsonchiropractic.com

Of course I'm also on Facebook.  www.facebook.com/watsonchiropractic

Juice Recipes

The new office has a full kitchen and I can see a juice event happening in the future.  For now I'm going to share a few easy juice recipes and recommend a juicer in case you do not have one.

Recommended Juicer:

Champion Juicer.  This is a mastication type juicer that is much easier to use and clean than the centrifugal type juicers.  Just web search it if you want to buy one.  About $295.00 at most places.

Juice Recipes:

One Apple
One Beet
Three Carrots

One Pear
Half a cup of Kale
Three Carrots

Half a cup of Chard
One Apple

How to Get More Energy (without sugary or energy drinks).

The adrenal glands manage the stress in your body by secreting neurotransmitters and hormones when you need a boost in physical energy or mental acuity.  They are called epinepherine, norepinepherine, aldosterone and cortisol.   These four allow you to manage stress throughout the day.  Think of the adrenal glands as factories that make these chemicals.  They need raw nutrients to make these chemicals.  When we get run down and fatigued the adrenal glands are said to be fatigued.  This is a very common problem and most people address it with a soda or an energy drink about 1 to 3 O'clock in the afternoon.  Of course these things are not good for you and promote even more adrenal fatigue by putting you into a roller coaster cycle of continual fatigue with bursts of sugar induced highs.

The best way to address this problem is to support the adrenal glands (the factories) with the proper nutrients (raw material) in order to continue to make these four chemicals that manage stress.  I can check you for adrenal fatigue and come up with a plan to help you get out of this endless cycle of sugary drinks or energy drinks.  And of course I carry the very best nutrients for the adrenal glands in case you have fatigued adrenal glands.

Free Adjustments for Headache Patients.

I'm not kidding here folks.  There is a research study at the University of Western States in Portland that is even paying participants.  Check it out here if you are interested.  A big Thank You! to Laz B. for informing me of this research study!


What Causes Numbness or Tingling?

I often get asked if I can help with numbness or tingling.  It can happen in the shoulders, arms, legs along the neck and back, in the feet, the head, and you name it! -  Just about anywhere in the body.  I always tell the same story which means that it's worth telling everyone here.  Numbness and Tingling is called “paraesthesia” in doctor terms.  This literally means less than normal sensation in Latin.

Numbness and tingling occur when the nerve cell is experiencing stress.  The most common cause is vertebral subluxation (misalignment) of a vertebra along the spine.  When the vertebra gets out of position it puts pressure on the delicate nerve root that exit from the spinal cord.  These spinal nerves branch out into all areas of your body and control and coordinate every tissue cell and function in your body, which is why you can feel these sensations almost anywhere in the body

There are cases where numbness and tingling is caused by a lack of blood flow as in diabetes or burgers disease, where the arteries become damaged or blocked by plaque, and in this case the solution is to support the vascular system with proper nutrients.  However, it is much more common of an event that numbness or tingling are caused by a vertebral subluxation.

Special Deals!

Mention this newsletter or bring it in, and receive three adjustments and an exam for $99.00.

20% off supplements if purchasing two or more products at one time.

These offers are good thru the end of August 2014.

Insurance Update...

I continue to accept and process insurance if you have it!


07-07-2010 (16).jpg
07-07-2010 (22).jpg

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Watson Chiropractic, P.C.
120 Molalla Ave
Oregon City OR