Chiropractic Care

Acute and Chronic Symptom Treatment:

For the relief and recovery of acute or chronic conditions. Whether they began from an automobile accident, falling off a ladder, or something you have had for a very long time. This is where you begin at Dr. Watson's office if you decide to come in as a result of a painful or distressing condition.

Wellness Care:

For prevention and optimal performance. Wellness care is the care of the future. Many patients are now deciding to come to the office to accentuate their health so they can live an optimally healthy life. No longer is it acceptable to most to just idly let their body deteriorate. We now know that maintenance chiropractic care over a lifetime is just as important as good eating habits, and regular exercise. People want prevention and optimal health. And, after your stable from your acute injury or chronic symptom we know you'll most likely decide to continue coming to our office for a lifetime of wellness care.

Physical, Orthopedic and Neurological Examination:

Dr Watson has completed over 1000 hours of professional education in examination of the human body, and continues to stay current with the ever changing field of healthcare by attending various seminars, conferences, and classes. He believes in spending as much time as necessary to arrive at the correct diagnosis. Generally the first visit to the office is a half an hour, although every patient has different needs and sometimes the first visit may last last longer. On occasion Dr. Watson may reschedule you for further evaluation or refer you for tests outside our facility (blood tests, X-ray, MRI, CT scan, Bone Scan, etc.) or refer you to another specialty doctor (Neurologist, Orthopedist, Cardiologist, etc).

X-Ray Examination:

Chiropractors receive an incredible, in-depth, education in radiology (the study of X-ray) because it is a tool that is utilized very often in a chiropractor’s office. Dr. Watson will refer you to a X-Ray center for X-Rays if they are necessary.

Spinal and Extremity Adjusting:

Dr. Watson uses only the precise amount of gentle force necessary to facilitate a change towards improved function. Dr. Watson is well versed in the care of the spine and the extremities (shoulders, arms, hands, hips, legs, and feet) as he is a sports enthusiast and has treated many athletes from amateur to Olympic level and has even had an Olympic gold medalist as a patient. He is very active with sports teams. He has worked with several hockey teams and has been the tournament physician for the Oregon State Ta-Kwon-Do tournament at Portland State University. He has worked with the Oregon Ballet Theatre as well.

Nutritional evaluation and recommendations:

In most cases a patient needs proper nutrients to restore health. A patient may have a lack of sulfate in the body causing a loss joint and ligament health or It could be a lack of riboflavin causing numbness, tingling, or a lack of energy. Nutrient deficiencies a vary from patient to patient. I recommend supplementation to all my patients, whether it be a general multi to a specific glandular product to support the liver function. I will evaluate you to determine what nutritional support will aid in your return to health.

Maintenance spinal care:

Regular care over a lifetime is prevention. Spinal misalignments can cause degeneration and dysfunction without ever giving you an alarm of pain. With regular care you are afforded the best assurance possible in keeping your spinal column fit and free of misalignment. In doing so you increase overall physical, mental, and emotional performance and feel more connected in general. I recommend maintenance spinal care once per week to once per month depending on your lifestyle. Less often and your at risk for spinal degeneration unnecessarily occurring.

Exercise Programs:

Exercise programs for wellness are different than that for rehabilitation. Dr. Watson will help you create your own exercise for wellness program. From at-home programs to personal training, Dr. Watson will assist you with your individual fitness objectives.

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