DOT Examination

  • Dr. Watson is a National Registered Certified Medical Examiner as appointed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration FMCSA. He has performed DOT exams since 2014.
  • Physical Examinations for Commercial Drivers are $110.00.
  • Dr. Gonzzo Watson, serves the Portland Oregon Metropolitan area as a National Registered Certified Medical Examiner. Doctor Gonzzo Watson is registered and certified with the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) national registry # 6950374984.
  • To schedule an exam online click here or call 503-656-0218 for an appointment. When you schedule online our scheduler will attempt to call you prior to your exam to confirm your appointment as well as make sure you bring the necessary items to your exam.
  • Most exams can be scheduled that day or the next day if needed for your certification. If you do not see a time online and need to get scheduled today please call us at 503-656-0218.
  • Please drink plenty of water before you come in as you will need to submit a urine sample for exam purposes regarding specific gravity, protein, blood, or glucose in urine. The urine sample is not used for drug testing.
  • Please bring a copy of your current drivers license and your current/previous Medical Examiners Certificate (if applicable).
  • This examination is approximately a 30 minute procedure including exam, and paperwork. When you pass your examination you will receive a Medical Examiners Certificate in paper and laminated wallet size form. We will also send a copy of your certificate to the Oregon DMV and give you an extra copy for your employer.
  • The examination process includes a review of your history, a vision exam, hearing exam, lung exam, blood pressure and pulse check, height and weight, a urine analysis (not drug test), and a physical examination.
  • Insurance companies do not pay for this service as it is an employment related expense. However, we can bill your employer, if it is the policy of your employer to pay for this service. If you would like us to bill your employer please inform us of the contact phone number for your Human Resource representative or other qualified individual that can accept billing from our office. We will also provide you with a receipt if you would prefer to pay at the time of service and submit the receipt to your employer for reimbursement. We accept cash, debit, MC, Visa, AMEX and Discover.
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